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Crypto-currency & ICO analysis

Token Intrinsic Value (TIV) Research Reports

Heyi Blockchain provides institutional-quality analysis on blockchain startups (in the ICO stage), exchange-listed cryptocurrencies and the blockchain industry in general. The lack of quality research in the crypto-space is the main problem we are aiming to address. Considering the number of scams and non-viable blockchain projects, we believe that our mission is to form a filter using very deep analysis and our expert opinion to assist in more informed decision making. We are committed to unveiling both underpriced and overpriced projects and tokens in the market, the dynamic impact of crypto events on the market for our users, putting comprehensive reasoning behind every opinion and argument we make.

Crypto-token research is a combination of art and science, our opinions are driven from data analysis and analytics as well as examination of the new project’s fit within a “successful project framework”, a unique understanding our experts have developed through academic research and experience in following the performance and analysis of nearly all major cryptocurrencies and ICOs.

TIV Research Reports provide rigorous fundamental bottom-up analysis of the design of crypto technology developed, including the analysis of its technical characteristics and blockchain protocol, viability of use cases, quality of the available open source code (alpha version, prototype), qualifications of the founding team, etc. In the context of a startup’s economic moat, the reports provide bottom-up market analysis, key factor sensitivities, analysis of the underlying economic model, competitive analysis and token price forecasts (with confidence intervals function of the information available about a project).

Types of the Reports

  • TIV Research Reports on pre-ICO projects
  • • TIV Research Reports on exchange-listed cryptocurrencies (post-ICO projects): Our picks of the underpriced and overpriced cryptocurrencies
  • Crypto industry analysis and insights, industry surveys
  • Crypto-event description (forks, protocol updates) and impact analysis
  • Crypto portfolio consulting reports, including our forecast on forward looking correlation matrixes
  • Other thematic research reports

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