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Advisory to Blockchain Startups

The lack of effective budgeting, cash management, financial planning and cost controls, and ongoing internal audits is one of the fundamental reasons for misspending and ineffective utilization of the funds to develop a successful blockchain application.  Several crypto startups, both with VC funding as well as with ICO financing lack effective cost planning and control. Our experience in blockchain and crypto-finance enables us to provide insightful analysis of your technology and growth roadmap of the business and network. We adapt your blockchain startup development plan to incorporate budget driven milestones and cost centers to ensure the successful development of your company and technology. We help you create a comprehensive financial profile of your startup into management reports for the stakeholders of your business.

Services for the Crypto Startups:

  • Financial Advisory and Consulting
  • Generation of Investment Memorandums
  • Client and Investor Presentations
  • Financial Modeling
  • Gaps, Sensitivity and Scenario Analysis
  • Investment Proposal
  • Peer Analysis
  • Budgeting

Our quality regarding to the financial is underpinned with the following factors:

  • Leveraging our significant experience both in corporate finance and blockchain technology
  • Highly customized approach and hands on meetings with the management and key developers to convert your vision and perspective into revenue
  • Application of our proprietary risk analyses framework for crypto projects to provide comprehensive Monte Carlo analysis on the path of the development of applications (network), targeting to demonstrate the convergence of thenetwork to the critical mass and fund utilization.

Our Services

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