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White Paper Consulting and Technology Consulting for Blockchain Startups

Both white papers and technology business plans are the core of all blockchain startups, representing the first representation of the future technology to be developed, use cases and the plan for network extension. A detailed and fundamentally sound white paper and other supporting documents are the first indication of the qualification and background of the team. Our analysis shows that almost 70% of the white papers in the industry include some crucial mistakes, or lack technical expertise, which may be due to the sponsor’s lack of understanding of certain aspects of the technology or the protocol they want to apply. Such mistakes may significantly undermine the reputation of the projects, particularly for the savvier crypto community, and bring negative momentum to a project.

Heyi Blockchain can guide blockchain startups from early idea generation to complete white paper writing, technology development and development of a go to market strategy. Our specific services include white paper drafting, viability analysis of the protocol design & application of technology, action plan consulting, milestone analysis and minimum viable product (MVP) development.

Our technology experts are highly experienced in blockchain protocol analysis and application of the technology and can consult you on every aspect of your white paper and technology.

Heyi Blockchain is selective in the projects we support and conduct a thorough analysis of the viability of a project or idea before engagement.

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