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Cryptocurrency Market Intelligence Portal

As a blockchain market intelligence portal, Heyi Blockchain’s platform will enable our customers to learn about, analyze and compare blockchain initiatives and cryptocurrencies. We provide in-depth analysis and aggregation of data points from different sources which are currently only available under a non-systematic, segregated and unorganized structure. The data points are composed from blockchain news, cryptocurrency updates (including ICOs), market insights and more in-depth analysis of individual project’s performance. As a provider of market intelligence, our platform targets a wide range of potential users, including portfolio managers, banks, funds, advisory firms, universities and private investors. All these clients may use our portal as a single source, one-stop shop with a powerful array of crypto data, analytics and research.


• Access to crypto industry data covering almost the entire crypto universe, as well as blockchain industry specific matrixes. The system will provide processed and systemized data, enabling comparative analysis to be conducted through the system.
• Uncover and aggregate fundamental data about ICO projects, including the observable token allocation, fund distribution, business relationship, short bio of the founders and advisors, legal status of the project, the size of the immediate market, and competitors.
• Provide a one stop platform for token specific news, functionality to set filters and alerts for effective news’ screening.
• Provide information about both market sentiment and HBC analysts’ opinions regarding projects
• Provide crypto portfolio management tools to analyze portfolio performance, characteristics and risk exposure (based on well-known risk optimization models and by applying historical performance to derive the main inputs).
• Provide ICO Grading for existing and upcoming cryptocurrencies. The company uses a proprietary in-house grading methodology, emphasizing fundamental analysis of both the market and the technology


• Screening and Targeting – The system will support criteria based searches in the system of both quantitative and qualitative data as well as generation of exportable search reports.
• Interactive Charting – Enable generation of data charts with integrated simple trend analysis, which is excel compatible and easy exportable.
• Portfolio tools – Facilitate easy construction and back testing of crypto portfolios and provision of simple selection and optimization tools based on historical performance of tokens.
• Alerts – Functionally to set email alerts to track advances in the market in real time. The alerts will notify users on price movement, release of investment reports, news about certain cryptocurrencies, blockchain projects and use cases.
• Watch-lists – Once logged in, users can create watch-lists which prioritize preferred cryptocurrencies and receive selective news feeds, reports and data.

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