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The project team aims to create a token-powered distribution platform for video games, catering for the diverse needs of the gaming industry. In general, gaming platforms such as Steam and GoG are ‘one-stop shops’ which host games developed by  third party developers. As one of the main differentiating factors, ABYSS platform will offer a unique multilevel referral system as a way to generate more effective channels for marketing of the platform and gaming products. Players, and developers can earn from the platform by bringing new users to ABYSS, as well as through provision of other services to the ecosystem such as content generation, CPA network generation, etc.

The platform will offer the following functionalities to its users: (i) unified authentication system for access to the platform (security), (ii) a native token to facilitate reward distribution (payment with fiat is also possible), (iii) sophisticated user statistics and reports for developers to assist them in the product development process, (iv) public forums for discussions of the games, which will also facilitate communication between users and developers. Furthermore, the platform will enable developers to open public as well as private personal accounts. The private one will enable the management of account details, tracking  traffic and audience, and the public account will have a marketing purpose giving the developers the option to distribute news, announcements, organize votes,  etc.


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