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EQUI Capital aspires to innovate traditional venture capital market, by proposing a platform that utilizes blockchain technology to enable interested parties to make investments in promising companies using EQUI tokens. EQUI Capital does not provide any innovation in the application layer. The core innovation for venture investments in the EQUI project is that investors can make their investment though purchasing EQUI tokens only, and adopt three strategies:

1)Investors – The community members who intend to be an investor in the EQUI Capital platform, can purchase EQUI tokens, and choose among the projects that they want to invest their capital in. Investors are considered to be exposed to the most rewards: they receive  a) 70% (pro-rata) of the profits generated from projects they invest in, and  b) a proportion of 5% EQUI Credits issued in the end of the year as a part of their loyalty program.

2)Holders – Holders are the passive EQUI token holders, who choose to neither invest nor trade their tokens, expecting a appreciation of the EQUI in the long run. Holders additionally receive  5% (pro-rata) of profits generated from projects, provided that they have held their tokens at least three months prior to the reward distribution.

3)Traders – Traders actively buy and sell EQUI tokens, with the expectation of buying low and selling high, thus can only profit from the token valuation increase.

Thus, 75% of all profits are returned to Investors and Holders. The remaining 3% + 25% goes to the EQUI Investment Team as a performance reward.


Remaining details and our opinion can be found in our report.


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