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Gladius is a platform designed to create a blockchain powered marketplace for peer to peer rental of the computation power and data storage to be utilized on DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) protection and CDN (Content Delivery Network) services. It is aiming to create a peer to peer framework for the enhancement of the web performance (through both the mitigating DDoS risks and increasing connectivity, response time) using a blockchain powered management and incentivization mechanism. The product offering can be divided into two main unites: CDN and DDoS Mitigation services provision. Despite the difference of the technology and utility of these two offerings they compose part of the same value chain process.

The solution targets to promote the generation of distributed mining pools (different nodes offering their bandwidth and storage) to replace CDN servers and DDoS filters. According to the white paper any user can join as a node to the pools, run the Gladius lightweight client (an cross-platform desktop application) in his machine to rent out the bandwidth and storage space. All the pools will have embedded DNS service which enables the splitting and distribution of the traffic between all nodes attached to the pool for validation. Furthermore, all the requests received ( and validated) and responds processed on the nodes are encrypted.  The distributed design of the pools enables higher fault tolerance and lower risk of single point of failure. There is direct correlation between the size of the pool and the quality of the CDN and DDoS services provided considering the number of the content catch and stream packets it can handle. The pools are managed by the pool managers which are responsible for its internal governance  and broadcasting the info about the pool (location, bandwidth size, etc.). The internal rating and reputation building processes will be integrated into the system to facilitate the internal competition between the community as well as identification of malicious pools.

For clients to synchronize their website with the platform and use the services of the Gladius platform, they should open an account in the network and buy Gladius token. After changing the DNS settings and adding the provided domains the services will be activated. The fees paid by the clients will be split between the nodes proportionally to the services provided, and some small fees is allocable back to the Gladius foundation for the recurring development of platform.

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