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Scorum is a sport media platform under development that proposes to utilize blockchain technology and its subsequent tokens (SRC and SP) for creating a new internal economy that can potentially enable a transparent, fair distribution of rewards among the active participants in the platform. In its core, Scorum provides its users the functionality to create original sports content by writing blog posts, participate in discussions and share their thoughts through comments and likes. The users that receive the most support from Scorum community for their content and comments are being rewarded though SRC and SP. As an addition to the core functionality, according to the white paper, Scorum will provide the following tools, i) build-in instruments for authors for ease of content creation, such as interactive visualization tools, photo database, advanced sports analytics; ii) fully featured statistical centers for various sports; iii) commission-free betting exchange for engaging the fans and sport audiences iv) commission-free fantasy sports platform for engaging the audiences and fantasy sports fans; v) high quality sport analytics with in-house experts for quality assurance. In a longer run, the Scorum platform will provide AI based services such as forecasting system, sports chat bots, and Microsoft power BI, different services of Google, IBM will be integrated into the system.


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