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Asset Tokenization Using Blockchain: A New Trend in 2018?     In the beginning of December 2017, the president of Venezuelan and high-level government officials announced about their plans of issuing “petro” cryptocurrency that will be backed by 5.3 billion barrels of oil worth US$267 billion. Regardless of those news of government-oil backed cryptocurrency coming […]


Smart Contracts 101: Will Smart Contracts Replace Lawyers (By Charllote Lian)   Introduction Smart Contracts and distributed ledger technology (‘DLT’) are gaining increasing levels of attention from a variety of industries that perceive it to be an efficient way to simultaneously cut costs through automation while also increasing the security of industry practices. Deceptively named, […]


Governmental Adoption of Blockchain: Part I (By Johnny Hong)   Blockchain for Efficiency and Security Numerous nations across the globe are turning to technology to help optimize how governments operate and how they interact with their citizens. Estonia’s e-Government allows e-ID holding residents to perform actions ranging from voting to filing taxes to accessing medical […]