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Polymath is a platform aiming to facilitate the tokenization of the traditional securities, as a way to liberate fundraising and securities trading through establishment of blockchain powered ecosystem. The platforms aims to leverage on security, transparency, flexibility, efficiency and cost optimality of blockchain technology to develop a novel  infrastructure for the financial markets. The financial ecosystem proposed by Polymath will operate through smart contracts to enable user’s operations on-chain, and it will introduce its own JavaScript library to facilitate the users interaction with the smart contracts. One of the main utilities platform brings into the space is its attempt to  for still blurry regulated (or unregulated) token issuance and ICO type of fundraising activities (particularly platform targets the security tokens). The platform builds its operation on the Ethereum blockchain) for tokenization purposes. Overall the main utility of the platform will be the introduction of a complete framework (legal, KYC, trading) that should enable easy migration of traditional securities into blockchain.



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